Tailgating and Posters for KCS

Basketball season is just around the corner.

On Friday, November 4 (the last day of spirit week), we are going to have a HS boys in school game against TNG.

It’s important that we show our spirit for our team.

For a 3 day dress down pass to be used second semester, you are challenged to create a tailgate (location of our tailgate party to be determined) AND have a poster hung in the gym by game time.

This is not to be completed during class time. This must be something that each group does in their own time.

The guidelines for the tailgate and the poster are below. Once your group’s poster and tailgate are observed (cheer team will oversee), your group will be rewarded the dress down passes. You must participate with your group to receive the dress down pass.

Definition of group:

  • Tailgate group and poster group are the same people.
  • For middle and high school students, a group consists of the number of people that can legally ride in the vehicle (seatbelts!!!)
  • For elementary students, a group consists of a class of students-each grade

Poster Guidelines:

  • Must be 6 feet long (you may use paper from the teacher’s workroom)
  • Must have words that demonstrate spirit for KCS
  • Must be in school colors (blue/white/black/gray)
  • Must be decorated around the words
  • Must be dark enough to see across the gym
  • Must be neat (no tape showing, no rough edges. . . )

Tailgate Guidelines:

  • Must be in the bed of a truck or trunk of a car
  • Must use at least 4 different kinds of decorations (balloons, streamers, a basketball, etc.)
  • Must use the school colors at least twice
  • Must involve words to encourage the ball teams
  • If we do this at school, you must have some type of food to feed up to 20 people. If location is a restaurant, you must have a receipt from the restaurant showing you ate there.