Explanation of International Student Fees and Tuition

  • Non-refundable application and processing fee: $600 due at the time of the I-20 issue
  • High school tuition: US $16,000
  • Full tuition must be paid within a week of student arrival at the school
  • Total tuition and fees $16,600/year

Included in Payment:

  • Application and Processing Fees
  • Tuition
  • School Manuals
  • Annual Standardized Testing

Costs NOT Covered by KCS and the estimated costs:

  • I-20 and Visa Fees – $300
  • Health Insurance – $700
  • Uniforms and Any Other Clothing – $200
  • School Supplies – $50
  • Extracurricular Activities – $100
  • Sports Fees: Basketball-$300, Baseball- $750
  • Two Ways Air Fare Tickets
  • Host Family stipend

If the student needs ESL classes, KCS will provide them at no additional cost.

Contact Information

Assistant Principal/International Program Director:Aliona Lain[email protected]
[email protected]
Program Assistant:Patti Brashears[email protected]


Knoxville Christian School
11549 Snyder Rd
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Telephone/Fax Numbers:

Main: 865-966-7060
Fax: 865-671-2138