Life at KCS

This marks the second year of the high school Student Council under Mr. Stockton’s leadership and the constitution of 2013. Last year they worked diligently to found this organization and bring positive change to the school through suggested rule changes and student led events such as the popular “Open Mic […]

Student Council for 2014-15

Box Tops
Earn eBoxTops for KCS When You Shop Online Just like regular Box Tops, eBoxTops are each worth 10¢ for our school. The only difference is that you earn them online, so there’s no need to clip them or send them to school. eBoxTops earnings are automatically credited to our school. […]


Say “Happy Birthday” to your child by adding a book to the library in his/her honor. Librarians will choose a book specifically for your child, and it will be presented during a chapel service. Your gift adds a special touch to your child’s birthday, encourages reading, and helps grow the […]

Birthday Books

Field Day On a beautiful afternoon on the KCS campus, the Elementary and Middle Schools participated in Field Day. There was great food and fun to be had. The kids played different games throughout the afternoon that concluded with an Awards Ceremony. Games included: Kick Ball, Flag Football (but without […]

Field Day 2014