Birthday Books

Birthday BooksSay “Happy Birthday” to your child by adding a book to the library in his/her honor. Mrs. Shirley and Mrs. Smith will choose a book especially for your child, and it will be presented during a chapel service. Your gift adds a special touch to your child’s birthday, encourages reading, and helps grow the school library’s collection.

Half-birthday books are celebrated for those children with June and July birthdays. The book will be presented close to the student’s actual birthday or half-birthday.

A bookplate commemorating this milestone will be placed in the front of the birthday book, which will then be placed in the library’s collection to be enjoyed by students for many years to come. This is a special activity, and without your payment, we will be unable to present your child a personalized birthday book.

Please fill out the Birthday Book Form and attach a separate check. A $25 donation covers 1 child or $50 for families with multiple children. (Be sure to complete a Birthday Book Form for each child.) Include “Birthday Book” and “child’s name” in the memo area.

Birthday Book Form
(copy and paste)
Student Name:___________________________________________________
(As it will appear on the bookplate)


Student Birthday (month, day, year):____________________

Donated by:____________________________________________
(As it will appear on the bookplate)

Student’s Special Interests:______________________________